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UFC 174 Vancouver Fight Betting Odds

ufc174-vancouverUFC 174 is taking place on June the 15th in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Main Card fight for this event will feature current Flyweight title holder Demetrious Johnson as well as Russian fighter Ali Bagautinov. While Johnson has successfully defended this title on a number of occasions, this will be Bagautinov’s first attempt at winning it. It will also be just his third fight on North American soil.

The online sportsbooks that offer UFC betting to Canadians are big fans of Demetrious Johnson to win the main card fight of UFC 174. Not only is he a four time defending champion of the UFC Flyweight title, he’s also the only fighter that has ever actually held the title. When he came to the UFC in 2010, the lightest division that was available to the 125 pounder was Bantamweight, and even though he was outmatched in the weight category, he won four out of his five Bantamweight bouts. When the UFC brought the Flyweight division in during 2012, he took down the belt and then never let it go. Johnson comes from a wrestling and track and field background which clearly shines through in his fight results.  Of his nineteen victories, the small Kentuckian has won fifteen of his fights by either submission or decision and he’s also managed to take more fights to the third round and beyond than any of his Flyweight counterparts; serving as proof of his endurance and stamina.

Ali Bagautinov, Johnson’s opponent for the Main Card of UFC 174, is a huge underdog on the money line, but his resume should put some fear into both Johnson as well as the online sportsbooks offering his odds. Bagautinov is a multi-disciplined fighter whom has mastered a number of fighting styles. While Johnson has stayed mostly within the realms of wrestling and kick-boxing, Bagautinov is a former World Sambo Champion who has also received a Master of Sports in Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Hand to Hand Combat and Pankration. The most troubling in that list is Pankration. For those of you that don’t know, Pankration was a sport first founded in 648 BC and used in the Olympic Games. It is basically the sanctified and refereed equivalent of a prison lunch room brawl. It is a mix of boxing and wrestling where the only two important rules are that you can’t bite your opponent nor can you gouge their eyes. Bagautinov, like his American opponent, has a good record with only two losses, but his recent fights in the US leave us some cause for concern. During his entire career in Russia, he never once took more than two round to win a fight. He won nearly 50% of his fights by knockout and only needed to go to a decision to the claim victory twice. Since he’s arrived state side however, both of his fights have made it to the third round and each of them was determined by the judge’s decision.

The betting public in Canada hasn’t really made up its mind yet about this fight as the money is pretty evenly split between Johnson and Bagautinov at the moment. Closer to the fight it would be of little surprise if we saw Bagautinov’s odds come down to earth a little bit. His resume is simply far too impressive for a payout of more than three times your money if he wins. If you’re eyeing the Russian as your pick for this fight, pick him up now while the odds are still lucrative. As for betting on the favorite, it might be worth a bit of a straddle. With his odds being so low already, any change would be minute, but if you are playing on laying a significant wager down on UFC 174, taking some of that money and grabbing at least a piece of Johnson right now should at least give you some peace of mind as well as protection should they change.

Below we have provided you with betting odds for the Main Card Fight of UFC 174 and the odds are supplied courtesy of Pinnacle Sports. Pinnacle makes a wonderful habit of having the very best MMA odds available on the internet and they also pay close attention to the prop bet side of things as well. Right now they are only offer an over/under on the round betting in addition to the money line, but more wagers will come online during the week and day of the event. You can usually also bet on the exact number of rounds the fight will take to finish as well as wager on the exact method of victory. Visit Pinnacle Sports

UFC 174 Outright Winner Odds from Pinnacle Sports – Johnson vs. Bagautinov

Demetrious Johnson @ odds of 1.232 to win

Ali Bagautinov @ odds of 4.700 to win

UFC 174 Over/Under Total Rounds Odds from Pinnacle Sports – Johnson vs. Bagautinov

Over 4.5 rounds @ 1.513

Under 4.5 rounds @ 2.650

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