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UFC 170 Betting Odds at Pinnacle Sports

ufc-170-oddsDana White is taking full advantage of the Olympic Games in Sochi and has decided to feature a laundry list of medal winners and former Olympians in the line-up for UFC 170. The event will take place on Saturday February 22nd in Las Vegas, Nevada and there is already a full offering of UFC betting odds available for the event. Pinnacle Sports is currently offering straight up moneyline wagers and well as MMA prop bets like “number of rounds” for, not only the main card fights, but also the remainder of the action at UFC 170. In total, Pinnacle Sports will let you make a wager on eleven different fights this Saturday.

UFC Main Card Betting Preview – Rousey vs. McMann

Pinnacle Sports as well as the other online sportsbooks have pegged Ronda Rousey as the big favorite for the Main Card of UFC 170, but both these fighters have a lot of things going for them. Rousey often gets touted as a threat because of her bronze medal in Judo from the Beijing Games, but guess what? Sara McMann has her own Olympic medal. It’s a silver medal in freestyle wrestling from the 2004 games in Athens. Rousey also gets a lot of credit for being undefeated in her UFC career, but she isn’t the only one that hasn’t tasted defeat in the octagon. McMann is just one win shy of Rousey’s mark at 7 wins and 0 losses.

So with all of these similarities in play, why is Rousey the huge favorite on the moneyline? The big reason for Rousey being the favorite is because of the manner in which she’s won her eight MMA fights. Every single time she’s entered the octagon, she’s won by submission. It’s extremely difficult to get her into a position in which she is not a danger to her opponent. McMann will surely prove to be Rousey’s most difficult task thus far in mixed martial arts fighting, but the online sportsbooks and general public are not banking on her walking away with her first defeat. Not by a long shot.

The round betting for this UFC matchup is an important one to pay attention to here because Rousey is renowned from dropping her opponents early in the fight. You’ll notice from the odds this time around though that you get a much better payout on the under.  The reason for this is surely Sara McMann. If you take a moment to check out her UFC fight stats, you’ll see that her percentage of takedowns defended is sitting at 100%. Rousey might be the queen of submissions, but she’ll surely need a least a couple of shots at it before she takes down an opponent as skilled as McMann.

UFC Main Card Betting Preview – Patrick Cummins vs. DanielCormier

The betting on this co-main event is getting a lot of attention, not because it’s likely to be a close or well fought battle, but more so because of the extreme amount of animosity that these two fighters have shown each other over the weeks preceding the weigh in. The fight nearly got a head start at the weigh in when Cormier shoved Cummins during the stare down portion of the pre-fight ritual. Putting aside the theatrics for the moment however, Cormier is a huge favorite to win this fight and you’ll be looking at slim odds of just 1.071 to bet on him to leave with the victory. Cummins, on the other hand, is bringing up the rear at pretty astounding odds of 10.76. That leaves you with $9.76 of profit for every dollar you put on a Cummins victory.

These UFC odds might seem a bit strange considering the fact that Cummins is Undefeated in his four fight long MMA career, but it’s likely that the odds we’re seeing here have more to do with Cormier’s successes and less to do with Cummins’ deficiencies. Cormier has a perfect 13-0 MMA record that includes multiple heavy-weight championships. He’s also a former Olympian who competed in freestyle wrestling.

As for the round betting for this UFC fight, if Cummins were the favorite, we might see pretty generous odds on the over. He’s never seen the second round in an octagon. But with Cormier being the most likely winner, and his last seven victories averaging out just shy of three rounds per fight, you’ll be looking at odds of 1.685 if you want to bet on the fight going over 1.5 rounds and odds of 2.250 if you want to bet the under.

UFC 170 Moneyline and Rounds Betting from Pinnacle Sports



# of Rounds Odds



# of Rounds Odds

Sara McMann


Over 1.5    1.658

Pedro Munhoz


Over 2.5    1.467

Ronda Rousey


Under 1.5    2.300

Raphael Assuncao


Under 2.5    2.800

Patrick Cummins


Over 1.5    1.685

Cody Gibson


Over 2.5    1.585

Daniel Cormier


Under 1.5    2.250

Aljamain Sterling


Under 2.5    2.450

Demian Maia


Over 2.5    1.465

Josh Sampo


Over 2.5    1.455

Rory MacDonald


Under 2.5    2.810

Zach Makovsky


Under 2.5    2.850

T.J. Waldburger


Over 1.5    1.685

Rafaello Oliveira


Over 2.5    2.300

Mike Pyle


Under 1.5    2.250

Erik Koch


Under 2.5    1.658

Robert Whittaker


Over 2.5    1.775

Ernest Chavez


Over 2.5    1.855

Stephen Thompson


Under 2.5    2.100

Yosdenis Cedeno


Under 2.5    2.000

Jessica Eye


Over 2.5    1.481

Alexis Davis


Under 2.5    2.750

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