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UFC 169 Online Betting Odds at Pinnacle Sports

ufc-169-oddsUFC 169 Betting Preview – UFC 169 is boldly scheduled on Super Bowl weekend (February 1st) and it will also take place in the same state as the big game, New Jersey. The Main Card for this event has undergone some serious juggling as of late and it was only finalized three weeks ago after Dominick Cruz dropped out due to a groin injury. Now the Main Card for UFC 169 will feature Renan Barao and Urija Faber.

Renan Barao vs. Urija Faber Bantamweight Title Fight – Both of these guys are UFC superstars, but Barao definitely seems to have upper hand right now and the odds are reflecting that. Pinnacle Sports currently has Barao as 1.370 to win on the moneyline and Faber at odds of 3.390 for the same.

Renan Barao


Urija Faber


Renan Barao – Barao has legendary status in the UFC and he has more than earned it. After losing the first fight of his professional career more than eight years ago, he has been on a 32 fight undefeated streak that includes 31 victories, 7 knockouts, and 14 submissions. He is the current, and now undisputed, UFC Bantamweight title holder.  In terms of fighting style, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt is known as an extremely aggressive fighter and currently holds the distinction of landing more strikes per minute than any other fighter in the UFC.

Urija Faber – Faber might have some bad memories resulting from his last losing visit to the octagon with Renan Barao in 2012, but he’s coming into this re-match with a solid record that includes an undefeated 2013 campaign. During that banner 2013 season he took down the likes of Scott Jorgensen and Michael McDonald and ended up with three victories by submission and one victory by decision. You can look at his sudden addition to this fight card as either a sign of confidence from Faber or desperation and lack of readiness. Fighters usually get months to prepare for a fight, but Faber accepted this title shot with just three weeks notice. He’s well known for failing specifically in title fights and there are a number of UFC experts out there that see Faber’s willingness to fight, not as a sign of being prepared, but as a sign of being desperate.

Renan Barao vs. Urija Faber Over/Under Round Betting – Pinnacle Sports is also offering over/under round betting for this fight with the line set at 4.5 rounds. These two made it to round five before their last fight ended, but Faber averaged just 2.5 rounds per fight in 2013 and Barao averaged three and thus the odds for the under are favored.

Under 4.5 Rounds


Over 4.5 Rounds


Other Main Card Fight Odds for UFC 169 – There are more than a few betting options for UFC 169 that fall outside of the featured match. Below you will find the odds for all of the UFC 169 matches offered for betting at Pinnacle Sports.

Ricardo Lamas – 5.950 to winvs. Jose Aldo – 1.168 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 2.000

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 1.865


Frank Mir – 3.700 to winvs. Alistair Overeem– 1.326 to win

Over 1.5 Rounds @ 2.600

Under 1.5 Rounds @ 1.952


Ali Bagautinov – 1.725 to winvs.John Lineker– 2.250 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 1.901

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 1.952


Abel Trujillo– 2.230 to winvs.Jame Varner– 1.735 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 1.714

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 2.200


Alan Patrick– 2.450 to winvs. John Makdessi– 1.621 to win

Over 1.5 Rounds @ 1.455

Under 1.5 Rounds @ 2.850


Chris Cariaso– 1.709 to winvs.Danny Martinez– 2.280 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 1.467

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 2.800


Nick Catone– 2.600 to winvs.Tom Watson– 1.562 to win

Over 1.5 Rounds @ 1.455

Under 1.5 Rounds @ 2.850


Kevin Lee– 3.150 to winvs.Al Laquinta– 1.415 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 1.606

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 2.400


And Enz–2.630 to winvs.Clint Hester– 1.552 to win

Over 1.5 Rounds @ 1.513

Under 1.5 Rounds @ 2.650


Tony Martin–3.200 to winvs.Rashid Magomedov– 1.405 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 1.685

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 2.250


Neil Magny–2.600 to winvs.Gasan Umalatov– 1.562 to win

Over 2.5 Rounds @ 1.606

Under 2.5 Rounds @ 2.400


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