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Proline World Cup Betting Odds

proline-world-cup-game-oddsWorld Cup is a popular time of year in Ontario and other provinces for Proline soccer betting. One of the things that is convenient about World Cup betting on Proline is that there are no convoluted rules to win your bets. Its pretty simple. You have three options V, H and Tie. And picking the V or H simply means they have to win by a goal. Proline is also offering their popular pools tickets for World Cup this year which should probably break payout records set by the NFL previously. If you are someone who likes to bet on World Cup we do however strongly recommend using an online sportsbook as payout odds are much better. This is especially true for those betting on favorites. The difference in your payout can be odds of 1.25 on proline and 1.45 with our recommended sportsbooks. That’sĀ almost double the profit. View our World Cup Sportsbook Odds. Proline is a very convenient way to place bets in Canada and they have been improving the service over the past few years. But if you’re looking for World Cup Handicap Lines, Futures, Props, Player Props, live betting and sign up bonuses. You will need to choose a Canadian online sportsbook to place bets with.

Below are the updated day by day Proline World Cup betting Lines or Visit

July 12th-13th Game #TeamsVTH
59 4:00PM SCRNED @ BRA3.203.002.00
60 4:00PM SCRARG @ GER3.202.902.10

Bet on Sports Online using Cash

One of the huge benefits of Proline is that its easy to buy a ticket with cash, no credit cards, no hassle. Did you know that you can also bet online using cash? One of the most popular ways to fund your online sportsbook account in Canada is UKash. Ukash is a ticket you buy using cash, debit or credit at local convenience stores and post offices across Canada that lets you simply enter the ticket numbers at your online sportsbook and the cost of the ticket is immediately transferred to your betting account. Ukash has over 10,000 locations across Canada so finding a voucher near you is no problem at all. Check out our full Ukash Betting Review

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