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NFL Weekly Odds Preview

nfl-betting-onlineKansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos

You might think that with nine wins and zero losses so far in a season, you’d never get the chance to be the underdog. But when you take the field against the Denver Broncos, apparently that’s exactly what you get. The line has been moving a ton on this game, but at the moment Bet365 is offering up the Denver Broncos as 7.5 point favorites. Most sports bettors are siding with the Broncos on the moneyline for this one, but the Chiefs for the spread. The Chiefs undefeated season has been greatly aided by a toothless schedule and that has many people touting Denver as the more proven team. The Chiefs defense is what’s getting them the nod on the spread. With Peyton Manning apparently healthy, having the number one defense in the league is their saving grace for this one. As the history goes, the Denver Broncos have won three out of the last their four games against the Chiefs with their last victory being a 35 point blowout at Mile High Field.

Kansas City Chiefs

Spread:  +7.5 @ 1.83, Moneyline: 3.65, Over/Under: Over 49 @ 1.90

Denver Broncos

Spread: -7.5 @ 2.00, Moneyline: 1.30, Over/Under: Under 49 @ 1.90

San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints

A lot of sports bettors are flocking towards the New Orleans Saints on the spread for this game. After San Francisco’s dismal performance against the Carolina Panthers last week, confidence in their abilities to overcome a high scoring Saints team has faded almost entirely. Still, online sportsbooks like Bet365 are offering up the Saints as just 3 point favorites right now. San Francisco fans have to hope that Kaerpernick and the 49ers can come back the same way they did earlier this season after their two strangely low scoring losses in weeks two and three. The NFL betting community also seems to be in complete consensus about the totals betting for this one. Bet365 is offering the over/under at 49 points and barely a soul is touching the under. These two teams have averaged a combined 55 points per game this year so unless San Francisco decides to throw up another insupposable sub 10 point game, the over bettors should be safe and sound

San Francisco 49ers

Spread:  +3 @ 2.00, Moneyline: 2.50, Over/Under: Over 49 @ 1.90

New Orleans Saints

Spread: -3 @1.83, Moneyline: 1.58, Over/Under: Under 49 @ 1.90

New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are on a five game winning streak that has everybody finally noticing the team that didn’t even make it into the playoffs last year. The Patriots, who would usually be the favorites in this match up, are actually being offered up as one point underdogs and no one seems to be batting an eye. More than 50% of the money is sitting with Carolina being able to hold off the Patriots even with their one point deficit to start. Quoting historical stats in this game is a tad moot given the change in the Panthers this season. Two stats that will have the most impact are that:

a) The Panthers have the second best defense in the league, and

b) The Patriots have the 12th best offense.

If the Patriots can continue to play like they did in the fourth quarter against the Steelers though, all of the momentum in the world won’t help the Carolina Panthers.

New England Patriots

Spread:  +3 @ 1.83, Moneyline: 2.30, Over/Under: Over 46 @ 1.90

Carolina Panthers

Spread: -3 @ 2.00, Moneyline: 1.66, Over/Under: Under 46 @ 1.90

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