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Mcilroy’s Dad Also Wins Big at British Open

mcilroy-with-dadRory McIlroy took down a prize worth just more than $1.66 million American dollars when he captured the 2014 British Open just two weeks ago. He, however, wasn’t the only member of the McIlroy clan to cash a big cheque that day. Back in a time when young Rory was just a 15 year old kid marching his way through middle school, his father Gerry requested odds on a futures wager from Ladbrokes. The bet in questions was whether or not Rory would win a British Open within the next ten years and the odds that Ladbrokes provided were 500 to 1.

These were relatively conservative odds given that Rory hadn’t really made his mark on the golfing world yet, but despite the payout, Gerry put £200 on it and come away £100,000 (roughly $171,000) richer in the end. What makes this wager even more interesting is that Gerry McIlroy wasn’t the only one that put money on it. Just a year later after Rory had taken down both the 2005 West of Ireland Championship as well as the Irish Close Championship, two of Gerry’s friends joined in on the action, but were the victims of much stricter odds. Ladbrokes had altered the market for Rory winning the British Open in the next ten years and the payout was now just 250 to 1. One of Gerry’s friends took this wager and walked away with a cool £50,000. His other friend took a slightly different futures market with a wager that Rory would win the British Open before the age of 50. That wager paid out at 150 to 1 and earned the fortunate gambler £30,000.

Ladbrokes was gracious enough to publicly congratulate both Rory and his father Gerry on their good fortune at the Open Championship. They acknowledged through Twitter that Rory’s dad made close to $180,000 American dollars on British Open Sunday and also that this kind of wager isn’t all that out of the ordinary. A representative of Ladbrokes named Rachel Bridge confirmed that several parents each year request similar futures bets from Ladbrokes and not all of them are on golf. They span the gambit of professional sports and encompass anything with a major individual title. She also alluded to the fact that few of these bets actually pay out. Maybe one per year will come to fruition from the dozens that they take on. This one, in particular, was a tough one to swallow for the sports book.

The next chance for Rory to capture another major championship title and his father to win another big bet will be at the PGA Championship on August 4th at Valhalla Golf Club.  Rory has a stunning record at the PGA Championship which includes a win back in 2012. He has also never missed a cut in a PGA and in his five trips to the tournament, he has four top ten finishes. Ladbrokes has pegged him as the favorite to win the tournament and his current odds are sitting at 7.00. He was being offered up at odds as high as 17.00 to win this year’s PGA when he was treading deep in the middle of a slump last season. If you’re looking to bet on Rory or any of the other golfers at the year’s last major and you’d like to get a little bit extra out of your golf betting experience, Ladbrokes is offering their new customers $120 in free sports bets to help get them started.

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