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Mayweather vs Maidana 2 Betting Odds and Preview

mayweather-maidana-2-fight-oddsMarcos Maidana and Floyd Mayweather will be back in Las Vegas and the MGM Grand on September 13th, 2014 to hash out a rematch of their battle that occurred just four months ago and resulted in yet another Mayweather win. The odds in this Maidana/Mayweather betting preview are provided by Pinnacle Sports, where boxing bettors always get the very best odds. For example, while most online sportsbooks are offering a payout on Maidana at 5.5 to 6.0, Pinnacle is offering up his win odds at 7.00, and Mayweather at 1.11

The fight will mark only the second time that an opponent has entered the ring for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather and apparently neither the online sportsbooks nor the betting public think it a very wise idea for Marcos Maidana. The first time Maidana and Mayweather met was in May of 2014 and, despite the public’s lack of faith in Maidana this time around, it was one of the closest calls that Mayweather has ever had in his perfect professional career. The Argentinean, Maidana, forced the fight to a decision which turned out to be merely a majority with two judges weighing in for Mayweather and one judge calling it a draw.

It’s relatively easy to pull up history that supports Mayweather being the enormous favorite that he is right now to win this fight. First of all, he’s 46-0 in his career with 26 of those wins being knockouts. He’s also managed to hold the titles in four different weight classes since he started his professional career back in 1996. He started out by winning the Super Featherweight back in 1998 and has since picked up middleweight, light middleweight, and welterweight titles over the years. There are only two real issues that you could point to for Mayweather coming into this fight. The first one is his age. He is 37 now which is certainly on the older side for a professional boxer and the fact that he’s facing someone six years his junior in this fight does not help him in this matter. He also has the issue of just how close his last fight with Maidana was. While none of the judges scored in favor of Maidana in the end, there were a few times during the first fight where Mayweather was shoved up against the ropes and looked like he may be unable to fight back. Mayweather is better in open spaces and if Maidana can do a better job of keeping him up against the ropes, we may see an end to Mayweather’s perfect record.

And while Maidana may be planning to get Mayweather against the ropes in their rematch, he’s been focusing primarily on two other weaknesses that should help his chances in this fight. The first thing he’s aiming to improve is his conditioning. Maidana admits that he didn’t have enough stamina in the first fight and he’s been working hard to keep that from happening again. Maidana also admitted that he threw too many head shots in his last bout with the champion and will be focusing on body shots when they meet on the 13th at MGM Grand. Getting to Maidana’s record for a moment though, his is not quite as impressive as Mayweather’s, but it’s certainly one of the best in the sport.  He has just 4 losses in 39 fights and 31 of his 35 wins have been by knock out. Maidana also kept a spotless record for five straight years before losing his first professional fight ever by a split decision. No professional boxer has ever knocked Marcos Maidana out.

As for the action on this fight, just about 65% of boxing bettors are choosing the favorite, Floyd Mayweather Jr., to win this one even though he’s only paying out at 11 cents on the dollar. It’s certainly an enticing idea to take Maidana at his current odds of 7.000, but so far only about 35% of the betting public has gone that way at the moment. It’s likely that we all know deep down that Mayweather is the one that will walk away with the win here, but with Marcos Maidana paying out so handsomely, it’s impossible not to back him. While Maidana may never get to face Mayweather six times, we can be fairly sure that he’d take him at least once in that scenario, if it had chance to occur, and that makes his odds well worth the minor risk.


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