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Jones vs Teixeira UFC 172 Betting at Pinnacle Sports

jones-vs-teixeira-pinnacle-oddsThere are a lot of good matchups on the card for UFC 172 and the main event will be a showdown between Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira for the Light Heavyweight title. Jones has held the title for longer than most of us can remember and Glover might be the first guy to come along in some time who has a real chance of stripping the belt away from him. We’ve included a full betting preview for the Jones/Teixeira fight, but also provided you with betting odds for some of the other featured fights on the card. Those fights include Davis vs. Johnson, Elliott vs. Benavidez, and Brenneman vs. Danny Castillo.

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Jones vs. Teixeira Betting Preview

A lot of UFC bettors in Canada are going to very quick to auto bet this fight. There’s going to be a very short glance at the odds, a quick mouse shift to the deposit link, and then a pile of money sitting on Jon Jones. What a lot of people might not take the time to consider here is just how much skill and power the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is going to be going up against this Saturday and just how easily the Light Heavyweight Belt could find a new owner.  Before we get the cheerleaders warmed up for Glover Teixeira though, let’s take a moment to understand just why Jon Jones is the odds on favorite for the Main Card of UFC 172.

Betting on Jon Jones for UFC 172

Jon Jones is not only the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, but he’s also the man that’s managed to defend that particular title a total of six time in a row. No fighter has ever been able to take that belt away from him and he has been wearing that marginally immodest piece of waist wear for over three years. Over his career in Mixed Martial Arts, he has fought twenty times and locked up nineteen victories. Although he’s missing a win there, he’s never actually been defeated by another fighter. He was, however, disqualified from a fight in 2009 which subsequently led to his only recorded blemish. So what can you say against Jones? It’s really tough to think of anything concrete, but his last fight seemed to last just a little bit longer than any of us in the UFC betting community would have liked. Known for rarely letting his fights get past the second round, Jones needed five rounds and a decision to retain his title against Alexander Gustafsson. So in the end, streaks have to end some time, but Jones isn’t giving a lot of indications that now is that time.

Betting on Glover Teixeira for UFC 172

Now, the big reason you want to be taking an extra hard look at Teixeira for this Saturday is not just because of his impressive record and aggressive fighting style, but because the odds on him are way too rich to pass up. Sure, Jon Jones is not the kind of guy you’re going to make a living betting against, but right now Teixeira is paying out at odds of 5.100 (care of Pinnacle Sports) and that is worth a second look.

Here is the breakdown on Teixeira. Number one, this guy actually has more wins than Jones. In twenty four MMA fights he has 22 victories and 13 of those were by won knockout. Number two, this guy has stats advantages all over the place. He racks up 20% more knockouts than Jones. He lands more punches per minute than Jones. And he even takes down more opponents than Jones. If not for Jon’s impressive submissions stats, we might be looking at a very different matchup. Jon is the favorite, but if we ran this match four times, Glover would have to come away with one of them at the very least.

Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeria UFC 172 Odds from Pinnacle Sports


Jon Jones to win @ odds of 1.207

Glover Teixeria to win @ odds of 5.100

Total Rounds:

Over 3.5 rounds @ odds of 2.200

Under 3.5 round @ odds of 1.714

Anthony Davis vs. Phil Davis


Anthony Johnson to win @ odds of 2.760

Phil Davis to win @ odds of 1.510

Total Rounds:

Over 2.5 rounds @ odds of 1.901

Under 2.5 rounds @ odds of 1.952

Timothy Elliott vs. Joseph Benavidez


Timothy Elliott to win @ odds of 4.180

Joseph Benavidez to win @ odds of 1.274

Total Rounds:

Over 2.5 @ odds of 1.565

Under 2.5 @ odds of 2.500

Charlie Brenneman vs. Danny Castillo


Charlie Brenneman to win @ odds of 3.360

Danny Castillo to win @ odds of 1.376

Total Rounds:

Over 2.5 rounds @ odds of 1.813

Under 2.5 rounds @ odds of 2.050

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