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GSP vs Hendricks Odds – UFC 167 Betting


UCF 167 is kicking off on November 16th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and it will mark the 20th anniversary of the UFC. The main fight card for this event will feature Georges St-Pierre defending his UFC Welterweight title against Johnny Hendricks.

Sportingbet is offering straight up win odds for this UFC bout and, as expected, George St-Pierre is the heavy favorite. Right now you can pick him up at odds of 1.40 which would potentially net you a profit of $40 for every $100 you wager on him. Despite the slim payout on a St-Pierre wager, there are quite a few indications that he is the correct choice this time around. GSP’s record shows an astonishing record of eleven straight wins since his victory against Josh Koscheck in 2007. Eight of those victories have been successful defenses of the UFC Welterweight Championship that he officially won from Matt Serra in 2008. His opponent for UFC 167, Johnny Hendricks, has also amassed himself a nice little record, but certainly not one as formidable as St-Pierre’s. In his 16 fight career, the former university wrestler has just a single loss, and has also managed to win his last six fights in a row. St-Pierre has a notable advantage in his ability to defend himself against an onslaught of punches. Despite being known as a successful NCAA wrestler, Hendricks has managed to win most of his fights by aggressively throwing punches with little regard for his own safety. Eight of his fifteen wins have come from knock out. The good news is that St. Pierre, on average, evades more than 75% of his opponents throws; a stat that puts him about 20% above the majority of successful UFC bettors.

With all of these punches being thrown, most UFC bettors are looking to the mat for their answer on this match. Though GSP was never a wrestler, he is well-known for being the best take-down artist in the UFC and it is likely that this will be his strategy for closing the books on this match. The problem for GSP fans is that George has yet to take down a fighter with such a celebrated wrestling background as Hendricks’. We mentioned earlier that Hendricks wrestled in University, but what we failed to mention as that he was an NCAA Division One All-American four years in a row and also won the Big 12 Conference Championship for Oklahoma State in 2005, 2006, and 2007. GSP’s reign has to end at some point and if the match does go to the mat, this could very well be the fight that strips away this part of his legacy. If you want to bet on Johnny Hendricks to win the main event of UFC 167, Sportingbet is offering him up at odds of 2.80. That means you could potentially take home $180 for every $100 you bet on the underdog.

UFC 167 Main Event Betting Odds – Georges St. Pierre vs. Johnny Hendricks

Georges St. Pierre to win @ 1.40

Johhny Hendricks to win @ 2.80

Sportingbet doesn’t just stop at offering UFC betting odds for the main event of 167. They also offer match odds on the other fights as well as prop bets. For example, they are already offering odds on the Koscheck/Woodley fight, the Lawler/Macdonald fight, the Sonnen/Evans bout, and the Bagautinov/Elliot battle. Closer to the fight date, Sportingbet will offer UFC MMA props that will allow you to bet on what round you think the fight will end in, who will win the fight in what round, and even the method of victory. Here are the rest of the outright win odds for UFC 167.

UFC 167 Odds – Ali Bagautinov vs Tim Elliott

Bagautinov to win @ 2.30

Elliot to win @ 1.555

UFC 167 Betting – Josh Koscheck vs Tyron Woodley

Koscheck to win @ 1.725

Woodley to win @ 2.025

UFC 167 Match Odds – Robbie Lawler vs. Rory Macdonald

Lawler to win @ 3.40

Macdonald to win @ 1.285

UFC 167 Odds – Chael Sonnen vs. Rashad Evans

Sonnen to win @ 2.30

Evans to win @ 1.571

Sportingbet Canada is one of the best online sportsbooks for UFC betting. They don’t just offer the usual odds to win the fight, closer to the fight they release a series of UFC props on the main event. Options like to win it what round, or will the fight end in KO TKO or Submission among others. Those who know their UFC can really get some nice odds betting on these props before fights. If you don’t already have a Sportingbet account and are from Canada. You can pick up $100 in free bets just for making your very first deposit. Sportingbet accepts Visa, Mastercard, Ukash, Moneybookers or Bank Wire for deposits. Full Sportingbet Review

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