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CFL Grey Cup Betting Odds Update

grey-cup-futuresWe are just about six weeks into the 2014 CFL season and there has already been a lot of change from what we saw last year. With this change has also come a lot of movement in the Grey Cup futures since we first posted them just one month ago. We’ve provided you with the William Hill Sportsbook Grey Cup odds for each team going into the season as well as their current Grey Cup odds as well as a brief description as to why the change has occurred. The CFL season isn’t a terribly long one, but since so many of the teams make their way into the playoffs, there’s still lots of opportunity for the teams playing poorly now to make their way into the finals come November 30th.

Calgary Stampeders (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 5.00, Current Odds – 3.75) The Calgary Stampeders led the CFL last year in the regular season standings, but fumbled when they lost by 22 points to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Western Division finals. Thus their odds of 5.00 seemed reasonable given that the BC Lions were sitting at 4.50. To this point though, the Calgary Stampeders have actually managed to outdo their dominating record from last year and have won every game they’ve taken the field in. Even more impressive is the fact that they’re doing this both without Jon Cornish and with fresh blood in the quarterback slot. They haven’t exactly been winning their games convincingly though so it appears that the house of Calgary may be near ready to fold. Unless Calgary steps up their offense some more, this line should come back to earth a bit once they notch a couple of losses.

Saskatchewan Roughriders(Preseason Grey Cup odds – 5.00, Current Odds – 6.00) – The Saskatchewan Roughriders finished up in second place in the West last year, but now that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made their resurgence in the CFL, the Roughriders have been forced to get comfortable in third position in the West with two wins and two losses so far. As a result of this, their odds have been bumped up by a full point. Despite the fact that the Roughriders have backed up in the standings and the odds, they should get some betting actions simply because their offense doesn’t totally rely on their quarterback. They are one of the only teams in the CFL right now that gets the majority of their offense from rushing. They are leading the league in rushing yards per game with an average that is more than 20 yards per game higher than their nearest opponent.

BC Lions (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 4.50, Current Odds – 7.00) William Hill pegged the BC Lions as the favorites to win the Grey Cup this year, but their thoughts sure have changed. The Lions had a few brief moments in the early season where we thought they might start to dominate, but their offense has really let them down so far. Number one quarterback Travis Lulay is still sitting on the sidelines and has only started to practice with the team and fill in Kevin Glenn has performed well short of expectations. The Lions defense seems to be still relatively well intact though which is good considering it has been a large part of their recipe for success over the last five CFL seasons. They are second in the total defense stats right now and first in defense of passing yards. It’s really tempting to take these Grey Cup futures odds at 7.00, but BC is in the more competitive division and coming back from the deficit they are in right now is a tall order. Even if they do get Lulay back in a relatively short period of time, they still just don’t likely have enough games left to make a stand and still allow for some mistakes along the way. Especially with the Calgary Stampeders running up a perfect record.

Montreal Alouettes (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 9.00, Current Odds – 11.00) The online sportsbooks were definitely straddling a bit when they set the preseason Grey Cup odds for Montreal at 9.00 and now that they’ve seen some proof of their performance, their odds have shot up to 11.00 to win in 2014 in BC. The Alouettes had a very strange season last year that started out very poorly and started to go well again very suddenly. That sudden change was enough to pull them into the playoffs, but starting the season with a brand new quarterback this year put an end to any momentum they built up at the end of last season. So far in 2014 they’ve managed to occupy the bottom or next to bottom position in every single offensive and defensive stats category and they’ve been outscored by their opponents by an average of more than 10 points per game. They surprised us last year and they might do it again. I’d like to see odds more favorable than this for a team that’s less than satisfactory in so many categories though.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 7.00, Current Odds – 10.00) The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are another team that has been more impressive than their record suggests. They have one win and four losses this season, but have only managed to be outscored by their opponents by an average of fewer than five points per game. And even that number is a bit skewed as the majority of that gap was produced by one single loss to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Hamilton finished up their 2013 campaign with 10 wins and eight losses though and it looks like it will be tough for them to repeat that achievement given the record they’ve amassed so far. Hence the shift in their odds from 7.00 to where they currently sit at 10.00. It probably won’t take a record that good to get them into the playoffs this year though. If they manage to next five or six more wins, they may just get a spot regardless. The best news for those of you looking to bet on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to win the 2014 Grey Cup is that they finally have their quarterback situation figured out. Dan LeFevour, who has racked up over 600 yards in just a few appearances this year, looks to be the one they’ll be starting the rest of the season.

Edmonton Eskimos (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 11.00, Current Odds – 6.50) You should feel pretty good about yourself if you picked the Eskimos before the season began because they have made a huge stride in the odds in just a few short games. After gracing the bottom of the standings in the Western Division last season and also missing the playoffs for the first time since 2010, the Eskimos weren’t given a whole lot of credit going into 2014. Now that they started off the season with four wins and only one loss however, the outlook on Edmonton has changed immensely. While Edmonton was strong offensively last year, what really pulled them down was their defense. They allowed more points than any other team in the West and if not for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, they would have led the league in that unfortunate statistic. This year they are second in defense of rushing yards and second in defense of passing yards which has given them the number one ranked defense in the league. This is the kind of change that can last and we may not see the Edmonton Eskimos odds go any higher than this. Pick up this team up while you can.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 17.00, Current Odds – 7.50) Winnipeg has, by far, made the biggest move in the standings as well as the Grey Cup futures so far in 2014. After finishing their last season with just three wins as well as that many coaches rotated through their sidelines, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were the league’s whipping boy for the second season in a row. With Drew Willy getting it done as their quarterback and players like Gary Etcheverry keeping their defensive stats well above where they have stood the last couple of seasons, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers look more like the team we saw go to the Grey Cup finals back in 2011. The next set of games isn’t going to be the easiest for the Blue Bombers though, so how they emerge from these should tell us more about their ability to contend this year. They have what should be a relatively easy game against the Argonauts in week eight, but have to go up against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on three separate occasions over the next five games.

Toronto Argonauts (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 7.00, Current Odds – 10.00) With Ricky Ray, the Toronto Argonauts have one of the strongest offences in the league, but despite this advantage, they are still one of the worst teams in the CFL right now. The East Division runners up from last year have seen their points against average jump from just 24 points per game all the way up to 30. This has led to them not only losing ground in their Grey Cup futures odds, but has also led to them occupying the bottom position in the Eastern Division rather than the top as they achieved at the end of last year’s regular season. A problem for them as well is how much damage their offense is really doing based on how much they’re putting into it. They have a number of green receivers on the squad now which has made a lot of Ray’s efforts downright unfruitful.  As a team they’ve racked up four interceptions and fifteen fumbles which is almost double what their opponents have managed to do through the beginning of 2014. The Argonauts simply don’t look in sync at this points and it’s tough to think that they can come back from this and make it all the way into the Grey Cup finals. They do still have a decent shot at making the playoffs though as the records in the East Division are so dismal that a 50/50 record might win the number one spot when all is said and done.

Ottawa Redblacks (Preseason Grey Cup Odds – 22.00, Current Odds – 26.00) The Redblacks have actually done a pretty good job so far in their first CFL season. Despite only having one victory, Henry Burris and company have managed to get a decent amount of work done on offence and if it were not for their sub par defense (which currently ranks last in the league), they might have the lead in the Eastern Division right now. The odds haven’t changed all that much for the Ottawa Redblacks as their Grey Cup futures have moved from 22.00 to just 26.00. At this point, they could probably be offered up at 500.00 because they are simply too disorganized to make a stand against the top teams in the league like Calgary and Edmonton. They do have a chance to make their way into the playoffs though as they are occupying a spot in the lowly East Division. With only one win, they are tied with everyone else in that division at two points.

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