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Bill C290 and Single Event Wagering in Canada

billc290-sports-bettingBill C290, the sports betting bill that aims to bring single game sports betting to Canada remains stalled in the Senate despite passing the house with all party support and little opposition. It wasn’t until the NDP sponsored bill reached the Senate where all momentum stopped.

Single Game Betting Concerns

One of the major concerns regarding this bill passing is the barrier it would create for Canadian cities acquiring major sports franchises. NHL and MLB execuitives both appeared in opposition to the passage of this bill, and we know how the NBA feels about sports betting given Proline offers no wagering on basketball.

The major sports leagues are mainly concerned with the possibility of match fixing and they feel single sports wagering is conducive to that kind of behaviour. This is the reason why Vegas will probably never see a NBA, NHL or NFL sports franchise. Many feel that fixing a major sports event is next to impossible and it does seem highly unlikely to occur. However people have been able to bet on single events online and through Vegas for a very long time. Geography of where the bet is wagered shouldn’t make a difference. Also the fact that in Canada Proline tickets have a max value. The logistics alone would be a huge barrier to match fixing.

Single event sports betting would really strengthen Proline and revenues from lotteries across Canada. But it appears this Bill will die due to pressure from major leagues related to match fixing and anti-gambling interest groups. The people suffering will remain those betting with Proline having to win those two game minimum parlays.

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