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Bet365 Canada Parlay Bonus Promotion Review

bet365-parlay-bonusThe Bet365 bonus payouts on winning parlays is probably the best promotion running by any online sports betting site right now. Parlay bets are very common so a bonus payout on a winning parlay bet ranging from 5%-50% adds up to a lot of money for avid Canadian sports bettors. The best part about this promotion is its simplicity. Simply win parlays on eligible sports and the bonus is paid immediately when the bet has settled and games on the ticket have ended.

Bet365 Payouts and Sports Included in the Promotion?

This parlay promotion is focussed on North American sporting events. This includes Money Lines, Totals and Spread bets on NFL, NCAA Football, CFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball (March Madness Value) and MLB. As you can see the promotion covers the most popular sports bet on by Canadians. Visit Bet365

Doubles (2 team)5% BonusTrebles (3 Team)7.5% Bonus
4 - Folds 10% Bonus5 - Folds 15% Bonus
6 - Folds20% Bonus7 - Folds25% Bonus
8 - Folds30% Bonus9 - Folds35% Bonus
10 - Folds40% Bonus11 - Folds45% Bonus
11 - Folds50% Bonus



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