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Best Sportsbook Deposit Methods for Canada

Fortunately for Canadians there are many options available to fund online sportsbook accounts. Whether you prefer to use Credit Card, Debit, Wire or Cash, there is an online sports betting deposit method that is right for you. When you look at the number of deposit methods available, it can appear to be quite overwhelming due to the large selection. But below we have categorized each of the most popular, reputable and trusted sportsbook deposit methods available to Canadians. Most of these methods are accepted by all of our top recommended Canadian friendly sportsbooks.

Credit Card Sportsbook Deposits

credit-card-sportsbook-depositsIn Canada it can be a little tricky depositing to online sportsbooks using a Visa or Mastercard. Many people have no problem, but others depending on the issuing bank put blocks on some cards when it comes to certain online transactions. If you would still like to use your Credit Card to make a deposit but you find its blocked there is no need to worry because there are plenty of alternative methods as well as the following ways you can still use your credit card. Learn more about credit card sportsbook deposits and which issuing banks do not block sports betting deposits from Canada.

Entropay Pre-Paid Virtual Visa Sportsbook Deposits

entropay-sportsbook-depositsEntropay is essentially a pre-paid virtual Visa card that is accepted at most online sportsbooks. The benefit of this is that you can use your blocked Canadian Visa or Mastercard to load up this virtual Visa card and transfer those funds to the sportsbook of your choice. You can also spend the money on your Virtual Entropay Visa anywhere online or have money transfered back to your personal bank account. The best part about the Entropay Virtual Visa is that there is no credit check as its pre-paid and no need to provide lots of personal information. Learn More about Entropay

How to make Sportsbook Deposits from Your Bank Account (Similar to Debit / Interact)

instadebit-sportsbooksInstadebit – This is a great Canadian deposit method that is currently one of the most popular ways to fund your online betting account. Instadebit is simply a third-party electronic funds transfer service that works with Canadian banks and online sportsbooks. Funds are sent electronically to your Instadebit account, and then you simply deposit those funds to the sportsbook of your choice. Instadebit has very low fee’s and the ability to set deposit limits. When you win money, funds are simply sent back to your Instadebit account so you can then send it right back to the same bank account you deposited with. Learn more about Instadebit

idebit-sportsbooksIDebit – This deposit method is one of the best in our opinion. IDebit transfers funds from your bank account to your sportsbook account Instantly with no need to wait a few days like Instadebit. It only costs $1 for each transfer and withdraws are processed back to your bank account within 2 business days. IDebit is faily new but becoming one of the most popular ways Canadians are funding their Canadian betting accoutns.  Learn more about IDebit

Sportsbook Electronic Funds Transfer – Most of the larger online sportsbooks also provide their own services for money transfers from Canadian banks to their sports betting services. It’s essentially like writing an electronic check or debit transaction but it will take 3-5 business days to process. But generally there are no fee’s and it saves you some time from having to open a Instadebit or IDebit account.

Bank Wire Deposits – Canadians can always choose to send a Bank Wire to the sportsbook of their choice. Pretty much all online sportsbooks offer the ability to fund your betting account using a Bank Wire. In fact this is a very popular deposit methods. You may have to wait a few days longer compared to IDebit, Instadebit or Electronic Funds Transfer, but it is still a safe and secure way to get started betting on sports.

How to make Sportsbook Deposits using Cash

ukash-sportsbooksUKash – This deposit method began a few years ago and launched world-wide. Since then it has become a very popular way to fund betting accounts in Canada and the rest of the world. The best part about Ukash is that you can show up at a convenience store or post office in Canada and purchase a voucher using cash or debit and deposit that voucher to any sportsbook you wish. No need to give over credit card information or personal details. If you have winnings and would like to withdraw, the sportsbook will either mail you a check or send a bank wire. Learn more about UKash

paypal-logoPayPal Sportsbook Deposits in Canada

Unfortunately in Canada PayPal does not allow online gaming deposits to sportsbooks. Most European countries can use PayPal for online sports betting but Canada is exempt from this service. This is a business decision PayPal has made but its expected to be changed in the near future. But services like IDebit and Instadebit are very similar and just as fast and reliable. More about PayPal deposits